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Here at STRAC our goal is to bridge the gap between form and functionality. We pride ourselves in producing aesthetically pleasing frames, but without compromising your ability to control the firearm. All modifications offered are purposely created to solve a problem, either to give you a better grip or help control recoil under a rapid course of fire.

We specialize in firearm
optimization and custom
builds to bring your
vision to life!

We are STRAC

Strategic, Tactical, Ready for Any Conflict

We are small a Cerakote & gunsmithing business owned by veterans & firearm enthusiasts, who strive to provide precision and consistency—on time, every time.

Work with us

Let our artists create a unique firearm just for you.

Trust us to build your dream gun exactly the way you want it, completely customized for your needs. Or, let us optimize your current gun and take it to the next level! 

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